Tree Trimming Arborist

Tree Trimming / Arborist

The All America team of professional tree trimmers will provide quality pruning and sculpting for your trees to help maintain health, structure and beauty. Tree trimming is one of the most crucial parts of tree maintenance and should be done regularly.

Professional Tree Trimming in San Antonio Texas.

Tree Health and safety of your commercial property is very important to not only your business, but also to customers and the environment. Thats why we want to help you maintain and manage healthy and sturdy trees, no matter what shape or size.

Tree Trimming Upkeep

Trimming or cutting off low hanging branches to clear walk ways. Removing dead branches that may fall or get in the way of foot traffic. Crossing branches also cause problems as they open wounds in the tree, increasing risk of insect or disease. Without Proper management, weaker branches can regrow on previously cut limps, resulting in falling debris.

Tree Trimming Professional

Improve Tree Structure

Balancing the tree comes from trimming it into a proper shape. We selectively cut branches to improve air flow which prevents high winds from tipping them over. Spreading sunlight between branches is also important. A strong structure promotes a healthy, long-living, Tree.

Tree Structure

Increase Tree Life Span

Extend the life of your trees with proper tree pruning methods. Trees heal faster With clean precise cuts. Bark tearing, or unclean cuts, can cause long term damage, and may even kill the tree. Properly prune trees and planet life by hiring a professional.

Tall Tree Trimming

Tree Pruning is an  Art Form

First we remove old, low hanging, and cross branches. Then we make the trees pleasing to look at. This means clean cuts and no over-cutting. We take our time while utilizing proper tree pruning methods

Why Choose All America Landscaping?

Our professional tree trimmers are serious about plant health. Our job is to make your trees stronger and Healthier. We believe that improving a trees structure and proper use of tree trimming tools, is key in maintaining and prolonging a tree's life.

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    Aside from taking care of all traditional landscape maintenance needs on your property, we are capable of a myriad of other services that a commercial property requires.


    Building restoration, awning cleaning and concrete cleaning are just a few of the necessary power washing projects to help keep your property  clean and beautiful.



    Retaining walls are sometimes necessary to prevent soil erosion from rain and elements. They can also beautify an entrance or side of building.



    Professional mulch installation requires state-of-the-art mulch blowing trucks that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we have an expert team of installers on staff that provide fast, friendly, and professional service for your property.


Knowledge of Tree Species

We have trimmed and pruned trees all over Texas, including San Antonio and surrounding areas. Trees such as Maple, Ash, Oak, and Ceder; Mesquite, Cherry, and Mulberry; Cypress, Pine, and Hickory; Juniper, Walnut, and Yuca. Plus many other species.

Tree Species

We Have the Tools

Safety gear, ropes, and ladders. Hand pruners, lopper tools, and pruning saws. We also use bow saws, pole saws, chain saws.

Tree Trimming Tools

We Help Extend the Life of Your Trees

Extend the Life of your trees by hiring us today! Late Winter and early spring are the best times for tree trimming because during these times, tree wounds heal much quicker. January through March are ideal, but if its later in the year, no problem, we will still help!

Tree Trimming Professional



All America Landscaping has been serving South Texas for more than 20 years.


To see a detailed list of our works and the progress please see our project page.



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Tree Trimming Arborist
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Tall Tree Trimming
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